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HW407-Leadership in Healthcare Essay

In New Zealand Universities, healthcare leadership assignment is quite crucial as a person gives more significance to nursing as a profession. You may require leadership in different situations such as for the management of complex environments in the hospital. At the time of writing assignment, HW407-Leadership in healthcare assignments you need to write about nursing leaders. These are those people who can manage all the things through implementing a relationship-building strategy.

HW407-Leadership in Healthcare

Sample on clinical leadership in healthcare


In this essay, clinical practice situations will be reflected on where senior nurses showcase their excellent leadership skills while guiding a student nurse about clinical placement. We have also employed the theory of transformation leadership in this essay. Transformational leadership theory will be utilized for analyzing the way nurses in healthcare institutions showcase exemplary transformational leadership during difficult situations. The conclusion part of an essay consists of the implication of leadership in nursing practices.

Effective nurses and leaders have the power and potential to transform and empower student nurses for becoming effective nurses. As a student nurse in healthcare, I will get an opportunity to work with nurses having different personalities. I will be able to experience both good and bad leadership styles. Through clinical practice, I will be able to increase knowledge and develop skills that will be highly valuable about working as a registered nurse in the future. I will also get an opportunity to observe, ask questions, and have discussions with experienced nurses.

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Reflection of events during clinical practice in a healthcare institution

One of my most memorable clinical placements is in a childcare medical ward in a hospital setting. There I got a chance to work with a professional nurse who has an inspiring leadership style. The nurse with whom I got an opportunity to work was working as an experienced senior nurse for many years. I also observed that my senior nurse has a great passion for her profession. I was quite impressed by the leadership skills of my senior nurse. She also possessed excellent clinical proficiency. She has the ability to manage time and pay attention to information about her patient care needs in stressful situations.

I also remembered last working with a senior nurse. During my last working shift, one of my patients was deteriorating very fast and required treatment quickly. At that time I became quite anxious and forgot all the protocols related to the management of patients’ continuous declining health. I also felt more pressured when I found a patient family member surrounding him. But my senior acted swiftly and has provided me with an explanation of the complete process. She has also helped me in providing proper treatment and care to patients. My senior nurse was very kind and supportive. She has always supported me in fostering my career growth.

During clinical healthcare practice, I also develop an understanding of the influence of nurse leadership skills and styles on subordinate nurses.

Critical analysis of situations in clinical practice

The leadership style adopted by nurse leaders in healthcare has a significant influence on clinical practice. It is the leadership skills that assist a leader in communicating with others. Leadership skills also support nursing leaders in making sound decisions. It assists in enhancing the chances of accomplishing objectives. Transformational leadership helps leaders nurse in involving their team members in solving complex situations in healthcare settings. It also provides nursing leaders with a chance of involving their team members in decision making.

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I also analyzed that about clinical settings, nurses need to have effective communication and decision-making skills. Nurses in HW306 – Client Independence In healthcare can execute a care model as it will assist them in promoting positive patient outcomes. They should adopt collaborative approaches for delivering care services to the patient. It is the strategy that will help nurses in managing and fulfilling the needs of patients. Hence, it is quite clear that by adopting effective leadership styles and developing skills nurses’ leaders can increase the chances of the nursing team to accomplish both personal reflection and professional development.

Review of leadership model

The leadership model is quite useful for developing an understanding of different requirements by patients. It also helps in making sure the engagement of family members inpatient care. An effective leadership style helps in promoting patient-centered care. It is the leadership style that assists leaders in developing an understanding of the number of issues faced by patients.

The other thing which has been analyzed is that there is a great requirement for nurse leaders to make sure that nurses and other health care professionals are highly inspired to bring improvement in their performance at the workplace. Some of the characteristics which nurses have are effective communication, leadership Qualities, etc.

The implication of leadership in healthcare

The clinical situation practice and the transformation theory have great implications in nursing practice. It has assisted in improving my understanding of the need for leaders in nursing practice. Leadership theory has a positive influence on my clinical practice, it has helped me in bringing improvement in the quality of care and patient outcome.


The clinical practice situation above is basically an example of critical issues in which nurses’ face while performing healthcare practice. It has also been concluded from the above that the effectiveness of nursing practice can be determined through analyzing the patient outcomes.

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