Personal Reflection of a Nurse essay

Reflection is a process of analyzing their own experience. It is a type of self –evaluation which nurse perform with the motive of understanding own actions and reactions. In nursing, the nurse performs reflective practices to find a gap in their performance. If you are a nursing student then your tutor may ask you to write about your experience during the course. In case you don’t know how to write a reflective essay then you can take help from professionals in Reflective essay writing help.

Personal Reflection of a Nurse essay

Below is the example of reflective writing in nursing using the Gibbs model. You can use student nurse reflection example for writing a nursing reflection paper.  If you want a more critical reflection essay example of nursing then you can contact us.


Critical reflective practice in nursing positively transforms health care settings. A nurse uses critical reflection to evaluate their values, ethics, and beliefs. By performing reflective practices nurse intends to address the performance gap. The nurse also intends to bring great improvement in their performance. This essay consists of information about the experience of a nurse during nursing education.

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Description of events as a nurse student

My interest and deep-rooted passion for nursing education allow me to serve my patients well. I believe that I already have a passion for assisting my clients, administrating health care plans, learning new things, and excitement for assessing medical conditions.

Since childhood, I had dreamt to become an effective nurse. It is my educational background which has prepared me for multiple diverse challenges in communicating at an international level for relation-building. For achieving my career-related objectives I am concentrating on developing important therapeutic communication.

I have enrolled myself in a clinical care technician training course at Auckland University of nursing technology. It is obvious that along with knowledge of nursing technology I will also need to develop other essential core competencies.

Therefore, I have also enrolled myself in other important courses such as English, Earth science, sociology, computer science. Its unique mix of my previous work experience in health education and my current status that will help me in increasing my skills and knowledge.

It has been a continuous increase in demand for a nurse which has positively influenced me to enroll myself in a particular course. In the nursing field, there is also a continuous increase in demand for training by delivering which I can earn income while studying. There is a shortage of medical professionals in New Zealand.

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I have attended several pieces of training, workshops that were properly planned to provide information related to principles of giving care. It has helped me in learning different skills, pedagogical styles, and valid evaluation techniques. The workshop and training program which was arranged during the course has assisted me in developing skills, core competencies which is very much important for achieving success in the clinical setting.

My personal and professional objective is to minimize the risks of every individual prone to disease. Another objective of mine is to maintain patient well-being.

Feelings of nurse student  during the nursing course

I am fascinated whenever I meet people who have their Nursing Degree when I was working in a hospital setting. I am always inspired by these people and I always told to myself that someday my dream of earning my own nursing degree will come as a reality. Currently, I’m in the process of achieving my Nursing degree. My limitless motivation fuels my desire to gain more wisdom and knowledge in the nursing field.


At the time of the teaching session,  our teacher explained the pathophysiological condition and processes of human illness. We are also provided with information related to injury which I perceive is very much essential about both clinical and evidence-based practice.

During the course, my complete concentration was on the prioritization of diagnoses and interventions specific to altered responses to illnesses and disease conditions. Our tutor has provided an example of different case studies so that we could understand concepts in a better manner. By enrolling myself in a specific course I also developed critical thinking and decision-making skills which is crucial for every health care professional.


I participate in specialized activities that assist in making the change that include imitation of role models and looking for personalized solutions through trial-and-error learning. Through reflection, I analyzed that by enrolling myself in a nursing course, I become more patient-focused. From the course, I also learned the way to communicate effectively. I perceive that communicating effectively is a barrier in the execution of change in the health care setting which nurses generally face. At the time of training during the course, I was lucky as I got an opportunity to work with a few exceptional health care professionals.

I have also analyzed that the development of the clinical practice program by the superior nurse has assisted me in increasing my professional autonomy. Such a program has assisted me in increasing my confidence level, knowledge, and skills. The event has also supported me in my transition into different roles. It has assisted me in understanding effective methods of delivering care to patients in the clinical setting. I also analyzed that the development of clinical practice events mainly emphasizes the significance of using the nursing procedure.


It has been concluded from the above that as a nurse entering a new environment could be quite difficult. Another thing which has been concluded from the above is that adaption is very much important in clinical practice. I found that I face many difficulties in adjusting myself to a new environment. Therefore I need to increase my adaptive skills. For improving my adaptive skills I will seek support from my tutor. I will also gain more knowledge about the nursing field.

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