HW306 – Client Independence in Healthcare Essay NZ

If you are doing a nursing course and want to become a healthcare assistant then doing HW306: client independence in healthcare can be good for your career. It is the course in which you will learn about the significance of healthcare assistants in maximizing independence. By enrolling in this course you will be able to learn about techniques that nurses can utilize for encouraging customers to either attempting to or fully completing their tasks independently.

During the HW306 course, there will be a discussion on the principle of tasks these are coaching, adaptation, collaboration, and education. You will also be able to explore assistive devices that are useful for promoting clients’ independence. In this coursework, you need to complete several assignments. If you are facing difficulties in completing assessments then you can seek assistance from our Healthcare assignment writers.

HW306 - Client Independence in Healthcare Essay Example


In the present era of patient-centered care, influencing patients to take charge of their health care is more crucial. Clients who take a more active role in administrating their health are more likely to stick to treatment plans. Those people often experience great improvement in Quality of life.

Here is the five steps guide which will assist you in developing an understanding of techniques for promoting patients’ independence. This guide will help you in identifying suitable strategies for teaching patients about ways to become more autonomous.

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4 steps of promoting Client independence in healthcare

The 4-step of promoting client independence is

Step 1: Promoting client independence through a partnership

Emphasizing partnership, it is basically a step where a healthcare professional tells the patients about the activities they should perform. At this step, patients have little input in their own treatment plan. It is very much essential for doctors, nurses, and other medical staff to work closely with the patient for developing a care plan. It is a tactic that will provide medical professionals with ease in promoting independence.

At the same time, you should explain the benefit of the partnership. Some benefits of a partnership may include few hospitalizations, improvement in the relationship with providers, and an increase in satisfaction with medical treatment.

Step 2: Use of the motivational interviewing technique

It is a step where medical professionals need to use the motivational interviewing technique for promoting client independence. It is a technique that can influence patients to do changes in routine activities and bring improvement in their health. In Motivational interviewing techniques, medical employees ask a series of questions from patients. This technique is useful for gathering information about the fear and concerns of patients or their family members. At the time of the interview, the medical staff provides information and supports patients.

Step 3: Provide useful information to patients

The medical staff needs to provide useful information. Few patients are quite enthusiastic they have an interest in developing an in-depth understanding of the disease. Therefore, providing complete information is very much essential for promoting client independence. It is the duty and responsibility of medical employees to ensure that patients receive the information which they want. Medical employees also need to make sure that patients receive accurate information.

Support patients in setting is considered to be the as best strategy for promoting independence. When patients are first given a voice in the management of their care, they may be more likely to tell you what they think.

For instance, during a motivational interview, an overweight patient may say they will start an intense diet and exercise program that would be difficult for even the most physically fit person to follow.

You can also set smart goals in healthcare. Medical staff by applying various strategies can influence patients to start the process of accomplishing goals.

Step 4: Identify barriers

You should identify barriers that are important for addressing the best tactics for promoting client independence. There are few physical or psychological barriers because of which patients may face difficulty in achieving their goals. This is a step where medical professionals should ask a few open-ended questions from patients that could help promote independence. The questions may be related to cultural issues which might make it more difficult for patients to accomplish their goals.

For instance, natural medicine may be a crucial part of a specific culture. In case patients seem unwilling to take medication care or treatment because of his or her cultural belief which may influence them to utilize only natural medicines.

Promoting client independence is an important aspect of assisting patients in managing their conditions and eliminating setbacks.

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