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University University of Auckland (UOA)
Subject Linguistics


i. What is the name of the language? What family does it belong to? Where is it spoken, and by about how many people?

ii. What is the alignment system of the language?

iii. How does the language express grammatical relations?

iv. Is the language strongly head marking, or dependent marking, or both, or neither? (You should take into account the expression of grammatical relations in the clause and of possession in the NP.)

v. Include a final paragraph in which you describe and compare your experiences working with the two grammars: What did you like about them? What did you find difficult? Would you do things differently in future?

You may find you need to cite sources on the general principles involved in grammatical relations, head marking and dependent marking. For that you should refer to the readings that are given for the lectures, especially Tallerman (2015) Understanding Syntax, Aikhenvald (2015) The Art of Grammar, Dixon (2010) Basic Linguistic Theory, Payne (1997) Describing Morphosyntax.

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