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University University of Auckland (UOA)
Subject POLITICS 750: International Relations and Human Rights

There are many facets to the nightmare of homelessness. In this essay, I want to explore just one of them: the relationship between homelessness, the rules of public and private property, and the underlying freedom of those who are condemned by poverty to walk the streets and sleep in the open. Unlike some recent discussions, my concern is not with the constitutionality of various restrictions on the homeless (though that, of course, is important).’ I want to address a prior question-a more fundamental question-of of legal and moral philosophy: how should we think about homelessness, and how should we conceive of it, in relation to a value like freedom? The discussion that follows is, in some ways, an abstract one. This is intentional. The aim is to refute the view that, on abstract liberal principles, there is no reason to be troubled by the plight of the homeless, and that one has to come down to the more concrete

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