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University Open Polytechnic(OP)
Subject 73132: Psychology of Stress

Section A: Case Study

Describes the person and their stress-related illness

  • Personal Data: age, personality characteristics, social roles, and stressors exclude details about their illness as these details are addressed in the remaining sub-sections of the case study
  • Nature of the Illness: names and explains the illness (excludes burnout), including how it developed. Identifies the cause of the illness as partially or completely caused by stress, and explicitly cites a peer-reviewed source as evidence that it is a stress-related illness.
  • Physical Symptoms and Physiological Effects: describes six key physical symptoms directly related to the illness, that the person is experiencing, and explains three physiological effects of the illness inside the body.
  • Psychological Symptoms: identifies and explains four key psychological symptoms directly related to the illness, that the person is experiencing.
  • Changes Caused by the Illness: taking into account information presented in the personal data subsection of the case study, identifies and explains two distinct changes in the person’s situation or lifestyle caused by the illness; also identifies and explains two stressors directly arising from the illness and/or its treatment.

Section B: 

  • Describes three evidence-based, stress-management techniques that your person can apply to themselves.
  • Includes one cognitive restructuring technique.
  • Together the three techniques make up a comprehensive treatment plan.
  • Each technique is marked out of 13 marks and includes:
  • Details about the technique
  •  A detailed description of how to carry out the technique.
  • Details about how frequently the person applies the technique and for how long.
  • Details about how the person knows they are applying the technique correctly.
  • The explanation for the choice of technique
  • Explains why the technique is appropriate for the person, the illness, and the stressors involved.
  • Cites peer-reviewed sources to support points, as relevant, and ensures authors’ ideas are appropriately credited.

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