OP7413 Graduate Certificate in Marketing Assignment Answer

These are the Assignment Answer of OP7413 Graduate Certificate in Marketing Assignment.

The Graduate Certificate in Marketing is a great way to start off your marketing career. With this certificate, you can build on the fundamentals of business and learn new techniques for promoting goods or services.

OP7413 Graduate Certificate in Marketing Assignment Answer

If you want to go further in marketing, there are certificates that can help you. They include courses about tried-and-true methods as well as newer topics like digital advertising and social media data analytics.

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Assignment Activity 1. The marketing function within organizations

Marketing is one of the primary functions in any organization and can be looked at from strategic or operational perspectives

Don’t define an overall goal or direction for a company before it launches. It’s more opportunity-driven than target-oriented. You can go about this any way you want.

Operational marketing – Operational marketing is the day-to-day plan of what salespeople should be selling, and what to do with things like email, direct mail, social media posts.

It includes answering questions like “what color should we use on our next letter?” or “does a different font make people more likely to buy?”

Assignment Activity 2. Consumers and Segmentation

Marketers often have to find other ways to reach their desired audiences. One way they do this is by dividing and creating new sub-groups that are more specific. This is an example of segmentation.

Segmentation is when you divide people into groups who are already similar. This is effective because companies can target messages to those groups.

Marketers could highlight benefits that certain segments want and they could do this through word of mouth advertising, or they could use social media channels to reach a lot of people in a short amount of time.

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Assignment Activity 3. Marketing strategy, planning and research

A marketing strategy is essentially a series of steps an entrepreneur makes to approach the market and sell their products. The typical strategy includes the following types of approaches:

Conventional – This portion of the overall plan usually involves a self-promotional message, such as pictures in newspapers or magazines, television commercials throughout the day, or print ads in relevant trade journals.

Consumer Research – Gathering information through research about what consumers want and need helps entrepreneurs create products that address customers’ needs.

Gather Market Data – For example, customer demographics to find where potential customers are located and what they buy may be helpful to businesses that sell products for children or seniors.

Planning and research go together. Without good planning, we might overlook potential information. And without doing any research, what is our plan going to be?

Different sources for new information can come from many places – books or journal articles are primary sources; encyclopedia articles or blog posts are secondary sources; educational materials or website content are tertiary sources.

Primary Sources- Generally seen as the most reliable at a younger age level because it’s coming straight from its source (e.g., a scientific lab).

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Assignment Activity 4. Marketing Management

Marketing management is an important function for companies to do if they want to be successful. This includes making sure that the company has new products, advertising, promotions and sales.

The marketing strategy should also help the company succeed in its market space by executing this strategy through channels like social media or direct mailers.

Marketing managers need to come up with creative ways to sell their products. They also need to make sure that the plans are successful when they are implemented. One good example of what it takes from people who do this is Black Friday. Sometimes there will be discounts if you go into a store, and there will be campaigns designed specifically for different types of media.

Assignment Activity 5. Marketing Research

Market research is like a time machine that lets you see the future. It has been used for decades as an important tool in designing successful new products and services, packaging designs, advertising campaigns…the list goes on!

Market research is when you ask people about a possible product. If they want it, then you can make and sell it. Some people help with marketing for the product too. You need to do market research first before making a new design or marketing idea.

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Assignment Activity 6. Digital Marketing.

Digital marketing is the component of modern advertising that utilizes internet and online-based digital technologies such as desktop computers, mobile phones and other digital media to promote products.

A lot has changed over the last 10 years with regards to how we interact with information on a daily basis.

In the old days, people would have to wait for their favorite TV show or commercial break to get up from their chairs.

Now you can watch what is happening in your home without having an inch between yourself and other people who might share some interest.

You can do things like cooking dinner or doing laundry, while still chatting on Facebook Messenger, YouTube videos, and Snapchat streaks.

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