OP7412 Graduate Diploma in Business Assignment Answer

These are the assignment answers of Graduate Diploma in Business OP7412.

The Graduate Diploma in Business is highly flexible and offers the opportunity to tailor a program of study that meets individual career aspirations or can serve as preparation for further study.

OP7412 Graduate Diploma in Business Assignment Answer

The qualification can be used towards fulfilling requirements for higher degrees like Masters’s degree or Ph.D. degree, and also towards professional registration with a relevant professional body(s).

Your aim should be clearly articulated and you should have realistic selection criteria to choose your courses from content area assessments that will map the academic foundation needed to reach this goal.

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Assignment Activity 1. understand a variety of business concepts relevant to public and private organizations

You need to understand lots of different things about a business in order to pursue a career. These include the organization, both public and private, as well as the organizational structure.

Every social system has a variety of subsystems that make it up; these major subsystems can be classified into one of four categories according to the way they acquire resources and influence behaviour.

Producers – Producers make things that other people want. A lot of them do not make anything themselves. Drinkers, on the other hand, just consume the things that producers make but they cannot make anything themselves.

Intermediaries help others trade off different types of goods. Equilibrium ers have balanced needs and can find a way to get what they need from their environment.

There are many small changes in the environment. Some of them are within your control and others can’t be changed. The decisions you make will affect the environment that will happen.

You need to understand what is happening and how to change it, so you should do an environmental analysis.

Assignment Activity 2. understand a variety of business processes relevant to public and private organizations

In order to understand different business processes, it’s important to first know what an organization’s goal is. This means knowing whether they want to make money or not.

Once you know what your goal is, think about the processes that will help you reach it.

For example, if an organization mainly sells products at a market price and wants to make money from them, they might need to have purchase orders, sales orders, and invoices.

If your organization wants the support of governments, you might need to talk with them about contracts or written reports.

If you are going to choose which business process is best for your organization, think about why you want each one and what it will help you do.

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Assignment Activity 3. identify opportunities, solve problems and achieve business objectives

There are a number of steps I can recommend to you for identifying opportunities, solving problems, and achieving business objectives.

First, think of reasons your problem might happen. Then make a list of them and put it in your CRM. For example, people might have poor laundry detergent if their clothes are not absorbing well or the laundry detergents don’t work on certain fabrics.

You can test different ways to clean clothes. For example, you might try different types of water or pre-treatment methods.

This way you will know which method works best for your clothes and other things that need cleaning.

You will want to document the results of your experiments and share them. You can do this by writing a blog about how you overcame the problems or start a campaign on social media.

Assignment Activity 4. select and apply appropriate qualitative and/or quantitative techniques.

Qualitative research is not about numbers. It is used to study human behavior and events. One type of qualitative research is ethnography, which consists of observing people in natural settings.

Another type of qualitative research is grounded theory, which consists of talking to people and making theories about what they are saying.

Qualitative research is sometimes called “exploratory” or “inductive.”

This type of research involves interacting with people in their natural environment over an extended period of time to make observations and record information about what they do and say.

Qualitative research is when you talk to people and listen to them. You can also watch them. You will also look at texts and video records for qualitative research.

Quantitative techniques are different ways to collect data. There is no perfect way to do it, but most organizations will mention these methods as being part of their process.

There are a number of ways to collect data. Sometimes, people use these methods when they can’t ask someone questions or when it is impossible.

For example, if an organization wants to know how much money they have made from sales during a specific time period, they could add all the dollar amounts spent by customers during that time.

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