OP7208 Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management  Assignment Answer

These are the assignment answers of OP7208 Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management Assignment.

The Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management OP7208 is designed to develop the knowledge and skills required of professionals who are engaged in human resource work within a company.

OP7208 Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management Assignment Answer

This qualification examines the role of human resources within the organization, labor law, employment relations, performance management and goals alignment.

You will also have an opportunity to specialize in one of three fields for this diploma – Organisational Development, Industrial Relations, or Workplace Health and Safety/ Occupational Health & Safety.

The focus is on skill development through high-level study with direct relevance to these professional issues.

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Assignment Solutions Of OP7208 Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management Assignment

Assignment Activity 1. employment-related issues in New Zealand

In New Zealand most employment law is contained in the Employment Relations Act 2000 and the Industrial Relations Act 1940.

If you are thinking of legal advice or any other sort of professional help, it is best to seek out an organization that specializes in this area.

As for what employers should understand, there are a number of laws pertaining specifically to their rights and obligations under employment law.

The Primary area affecting them would be related to redundancies; they cannot terminate employees for arbitrary reasons such as better off workmates or negative performance reviews.

They need to show they have done due diligence regarding production levels, company financials, business strategies, etc before people can be terminated without mitigating circumstances (such as downsizing).

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Assignment Activity 2. Managing people in organizations. Including individual and group behaviour, motivation, leadership, power and politics

The key to managing people in organizations is to recognize that your goal is not to dictate or control every decision. Instead, it’s important to provide direction and guidance while letting employees make decisions and do their jobs.

The danger of micromanaging employees is that you may project anxiety onto them, which can change how they perform their job duties (in other words, “toxic”).

That anxiety also impacts the employee’s ability to think for themselves and spot mistakes–leading problems in their workflow or decision making”.

There are five key skills to manage individual and group behavior in a cohesive way:

understanding, coaching, developing, leading, and finally empowering. Management of these behaviors would help organizations encourage their employees to perform better as well as work in synergy with each other towards goals.

It starts at the bottom with people. Every day, you have to deal with others who are providing services or doing things for your company.

Understanding behavior is important when interacting with people – it is easy to know what someone needs if you listen and talk with them.

This is good practice for negotiation or when you need to give someone clear direction because they know what they want.

The following four tabs represent where leaders and managers typically go wrong and need to be avoided when managing motivation, leadership power, and politics in organizations.

1. People Management -It is important to find a balance between the amount of work we do. We need to do work that will keep us going and not exhaust ourselves.

We have to be careful of when our anxiety is making it difficult for us to manage people.

For example, we might spend too much time on micro-management or emotional labor with others which could cause problems in their personal or professional life.

Finally we can assess how our current actions are affecting morale within a team as well as your company’s culture at large.

2. Leadership Management – Leaders can be good or bad. They need to do what is best for the group and sometimes they make mistakes.

It is important to think about how people might feel when you do something wrong, because other people may not like it.

There are many ways to assess situations. We need to look at the situation from other people’s perspectives. Sometimes we have to make decisions that satisfy other people’s expectations, but also our own feelings and thoughts..

3. Politics Management – People may do things to others that they would not normally do. But people can also feel bad about themselves when they are in these situations.

It is important to know how you will react when dealing with politics and to be aware of the stressors that cause other people to behave differently than normal.

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Assignment Activity 3. organizational structure, design, and culture

Organizational Structure: The structure of an organization defines the patterns in which a product is distributed. It designates how tasks are completed and assigns positions for employees. It also includes hierarchies, departments, and policies.

Some companies have no project management culture or design. Others may have a set of guidelines to follow. For example, some software companies will need to schedule several meetings during their release periods while web developers might use daily standups for issue conferencing and debugging sessions.”

In Organizational Behavior, the way that an individual sees his or her career opportunity is dependent on the organizational values systems.

Assignment Activity 4. human resource management and applications from a strategic organizational perspective

HRM can be used as an organizational strategy to pursue organisational goals, and one way this works is through hiring talented employees.

Hiring people with the right skills that fit your company’s needs will help you grow in the long run because of their loyalty towards achieving success for both parties.

People are always looking for new challenges in their lives, and finding the perfect job is one of those challenging aspects.

In this day and age you’re not just competing with other people; you also have to compete against yourself because jobs aren’t as stable anymore.

It’s a lot more difficult these days when employers face tighter labor markets or higher wages without any additional benefits like family leave policies that allow employees time off from work if they need it due to medical reasons – all colloquially referred to as ‘job insecurity’.

These changes call for a shift in how organizations approach HR practices by implementing better recruiting strategies so candidates feel more confident about joining your company instead of worrying about whether or not there will be enough money at home next month while trying to make ends meet.

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Assignment Activity 5. the importance of the appropriate management of change

Managing change is important. If a person doesn’t want to change, it can cause them anxiety and depression. You shouldn’t ask someone to do something they don’t want to do just because you want them to.

This can cause the person to resist and also make the athlete injured more often. Managing change means being able to manage changes during workouts or practices that are hard for people with high intensity levels.

This can happen when the athlete underestimates their strength and they cannot complete a desired workout sequence. You might be doing well at first but then an injury or sickness will come around.

Assignment Activity 6. Human resource development, including managing knowledge, and adult learning principles

Human resource development is a vast topic. From the website urlingtoned, these are the two principles that I think are most relevant and important to anyone in human resource development.

It’s really your responsibility as an organization to create learning opportunities for employees, so they can stay current with their ever-changing roles in the company.

The goal of HRD is employee engagement, retention, and productivity. An engaged employee will be willing to get through difficult times because he or she feels connected and valued by the company and its mission.

Learning is one way of encouraging such connections. The boundaries between learning aids (like lectures or workshops) and “pure” HRD help become more blurred when we bring them together online.

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Assignment Activity 7. training needs identification and analysis

Training needs are often a function of the realities inherent in an organization. When managers scan and analyze their organizational needs, it can be helpful to use tools that identify the following 5 areas of training need:

1. Market forces – what industries are going strong? what technologies are generating demand? Which jobs have more vacancies or shortages in qualified candidates. These influences will point towards and impact on what skills workers need to be prepared for.

2. Knowledge-based responsibility – Evaluate whether positions require competencies so specialized that the only way to acquire them is through formal, ongoing education, or alternatively if they rely on general knowledge that could be gained through relevant trades apprenticeships or vocational programs (YES)  3 2

3. Organizational effectiveness – Identify where training needs for functional or technical areas can be met by transferring people to those functions, hiring new staff or filling the gaps through an existing workforce-training program in house, or outsourcing it all.

4. Employees – Look at the current skill levels and demand for particular job skills across the workforce. These include the new hires, the recent promotions or terminations, and/ or those employees who may be poised to move into specialized jobs.

5. Business objectives- Reviewing the organization’s business plans can guide where training is needed in order to achieve desired results in customer satisfaction, sales performance on new products/ services or improving existing products/ services.

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