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Motor Control and Motor Learning Sample

Motor Control and Motor Learning is a sample essay. The students learning Physiotherapy and healthcare courses get this essay topic from their professors as part of their assignment writing task. Let us know about the topic -Motor Control and Motor Learning.

Motor Control and Motor Learning Sample

Introduction to Motor Control & Motor Learning

Motor Control & Motor Learning gives a basic outline to understand motor performance throughout the lifetime. The process of production and controlling human movement is Motor Control & Motor Learning. It is different from a simple reflex loop to an advanced network of neutral patterns.

These neutral patterns connect through the Central Nervous System (CNS) and Peripheral Nervous System (PNS). Controlling and learning various patterns of motor movements is through sensory environments and challenges.  This makes a person experience to solve the issues they come across.

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Definition & Functioning of Motor Control & Motor Learning

Now let us known about Motor Control & Motor Learning’s definition and its functioning in detail.

  • Motor Control: Definition

Motor Control is a clear method of introducing, guiding, and scaling focused voluntary movement. According to the definition proposed by Shumway- Cook, Motor Control is the capability to control devices which is important to the movement.

  • Motor Control: Functioning

Motor Control works in the following manner:

  1. The task that is meant to be completed is recognized as the body gets physical or sensory information from the surroundings. It sees the information and chooses an appropriate movement plan to meet the goal of motor control work.
  2. The movement plan corresponds with the Central Nervous System (CNS). It executes this plan through motor neurons in the human brain stem and spinal cord. Finally, the result is transferred to the muscles in postural and limb synergies. Then it travels in the head and neck. Thus, the motor units are programmed to fire in a precise method.
  3. Finally, the sensory feedback is given to the CNS by the movement that is decided to take into modifying the plan during implementation. It also acknowledges the task goal achieved and stores the information for the future activities of the same combination of task & goal.
  • Motor Learning: Definition

Motor Learning is defined as the procedure of gaining a certain skill by the learner. After gaining the skill through constant practice and integration. It develops and automatically makes the anticipated movement.

  • Motor Learning: Functioning

Motor Learning functions as internal nervous processing that yields to the capability of producing a new motor learning task. This includes a set of various internal methods that are related to practice. It is also related to the experience that leads to related changes permanently. This change includes the ability to gain skill behavior.

Theories of Motor Control & Motor Learning

There are various theories associating with Motor Control and Motor Learning.

  • Motor Control Theories includes Reflex Theory, Hierarchical Theories, Motor Program Theory, and Ecological theories.
  • Motor Learning Theories include Adams Closed Loop theory, Schmidt’s Schema Theory, and Ecological theory.

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Factors of Motor Learning Issues

The various factors of Motor Learning issues are- Verbal instructions, practice, active participation and motivation, the possibility of errors, and postural control, Memory, and feedback.

Clinical Significance of Motor Control & Motor Learning

The significance of gaining skills in Motor Control & Motor Learning is to help the therapists understand the movement process. It also makes them know about motor tasks and skills. Moreover, accepting and assimilating motor control and learning theories in their daily practice will help them in many ways. These are:

  1. The therapists will be able to identify various issues associated in motor performance.
  2. Developing various strategies to treat patients. It also makes them find remedies to solve performance problems.
  3. Planning and modifying movements that are capable to perform under a variety of settings and conditions.
  4.  It also teaches them to make sure and analyze if the used strategy involved is effective to solve the movement problem or not.

Therefore, if therapists gain the skills of motor control and learning theory strategy, it will provide effective results to solve movement issues.

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