HW308 – Health and Safety in a Healthcare Setting NZ Essay

Health and safety have great importance in the healthcare setting. Employees in healthcare settings are continuously exposed to a wide range of hazards while performing their duties at the workplace. The main aim of HW308-Health and Safety in a Healthcare Setting is to assist students in developing the potential to address health and safety risks in the hospital setting. This course will assist students in identifying the role of healthcare assistants in preventing or mitigating risks. Are you among the students those who face issue in writing nursing assignment? If yes then you should ask for help from our professionals.

HW308 – Health And Safety In A Healthcare Setting NZ Essay


In the present era, there has been an increase in demand for all healthcare institutions to show excellence in governance. It is the safety, health, and welfare act 2005 which requires medical staff to maintain health and safety at the workplace.

In the essay, there will be much emphasis on key elements of health and safety management in a healthcare setting.

You should include more laws related to health and safety in your HW308-Health and Safety in a Healthcare Setting essay. It is the tactics that will help you in impressing the professor and achieving A+ grade. If you don’t know the laws related to health and safety in a hospital setting then you can take help from our experts. You can also take healthcare assignment writing help on different topics from us.

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Main Body

Duties of employers and employees about health and safety

The legislation such as the health and welfare act 2005 provides important legal provisions for improving and securing safety in the hospital setting. The law highlights the duties of employers and employees in the management of health and safety. According to the law, the duties of the medical staff in the management of risk are:

Duty of employers: Employers are basically those people who need to administer health and safety at the workplace. According to the act, the main duty of a nurse is to make sure that all the ethical activities are performed at the workplace.

Responsibilities of Employees: Employees in health care settings need to make sure that they are taking reasonable care for protecting their own safety, health, and Welfare. They also need to ensure that nobody is getting affected by their actions.  Employees must cooperate with the employer for confirming health, safety, and welfare at the workplace. In case employees find something dangerous then they need to inform about the same to the employer.

Managing health and safety in the healthcare setting

The legislation of health and safety at workplaces act 2005 mainly focuses on the requirements of employers to administer health and safety in the healthcare setting. There are different activities which employers need to perform for preventing health and safety in hospital; setting. Some of the activities are employers need to initially review the arrangements. Another role of employers is to develop effective health and safety policies. They need to address the standards which are to be accomplished.

The foundation for the administration of health and safety is the written safety statement. The safety statement must be supported by the identification of hazards and the assessment of risk.

Safety Statement

The safety statement should clearly specify the way safety; welfare and health would be secured and managed. Safety statement involves the following:

The detail of health and safety policy is designed with the motive of confirming that the employer and management committee ensure health and safety at the workplace.

Include emergency plans such as migration procedures, incident reporting arrangements, etc in the safety statement. A written risk assessment is an important part of risk management in the healthcare setting.

The safety statement must be kept up to date and brought to the attention of all staff and others at the workplace.

Risk management in a healthcare setting

The 3 step procedure of risk management in health care organization is:

Step 1: Identification of Hazards

At the initial step of risk management, you need to identify the hazards at the workplace. Hazard is basically a substance that might cause harm to people in the healthcare setting. Employers in health care mainly focus on the importance of hazards.

Step 2: Assessment of risks

It is a step, where medical professional needs to address the type of hazards. There are different types of hazards these are:

Chemical hazard

Such type of hazard includes risk in using a chemical substance such as medical gases, cleaning, disinfecting, etc. Employers need to prepare safety data sheet and these should be obtained from the manufacturer or supplier. The safety data sheet and the product label will help you to identify any hazards and controls associated with the use of the chemical

Biological hazards

It includes viruses and bacteria which can cause infection such as exposure to body fluids. Employers in health care organizations need to execute risk assessment for identifying risk to the health and safety of workers.

Risk is the probability, great or small, that someone will be injured by the hazard, together with the severity of the harm suffered. In assessing risk you should estimate; how expected that a hazard will cause harm; the seriousness that harm is likely to be; the number of people are expected to exposed; what control measures are already in place.

Step 3: Control Risk in a health care setting

Employers in the healthcare setting need to perform reasonable activities for minimizing the risk of injury. Consider what further controls may be necessary to prevent harm. You can also decide if any corrective actions are especially urgent and priorities them.

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