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University Massey University (MU)
Subject 156235: Social Media and Digital Marketing

Task and scenario:

Your role in this assessment is to act as a team of ‘digital marketing consultants ’to the client (Crankit Cycles) we are advising this semester. While both Assignment 2 and Assignment 3 are linked as they focus on this business, they are not identical. Each assignment has separate tasks and assessments, but with the client being the same; there will be lots of cross-over in terms of your research and thinking. So, before you start working on either assignment, be sure to read both assessment descriptions, That way you are clear on what is being specifically asked of you for each of them.

When writing the assignment, you need to remember your ideas and strategies will potentially be used by your client’s business, so your report needs to be detailed and specific to the client.

The client has asked your team to use your theoretical and practical knowledge and understanding to develop a fresh perspective on their digital marketing that then logically flows through to an actionable set of recommendations. They have specifically asked for the development of a Buyer Persona for the business (Part 1), an evaluation of their current website (Part 2), and an investigation of the use and application of trust symbols on their website (Part 3).

Key Requirements of Report:
The report must include the following four key sections:
1. Buyer Persona
2. Website Evaluation
3. Trust Symbols

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