Kaupapa Maori For Child Learning Samples

The current education system of New Zealand is derived from the British, during the colonial period. All the primary and secondary education is based upon the British model of education. However, when New Zealand became a sovereign state, the NZ education system had some changes.

Kaupapa Maori For Child Learning Samples

This is in particular to the introduction of Kaupapa Maori theory. This theory is introduced in the NZ education system for making a special facility for the indigenous Maori speaking community. This includes the introduction of Kaupapa Maori Learning centers (Maori medium schools).

Introduction to Kaupapa Maori Learning for Child in New Zealand

Kaupapa Maori learning for a child in New Zealand means gaining education through Maori medium schools. Though most of the Maori speaking students’ study in the mainstream British education system. But still, there is a demand for getting an education in the Maori language. When NZ children gain an education in Maori medium schools, there is tremendous growth in preserving the Te Reo Maori (Maori language).

The preservation and revival of the Maori language began with the establishment of early childhood centers that teach the Maori language to children. These children belong to the Maori speaking community. The introduction of teaching Maori has achieved many milestones in New Zealand during recent years.

What is the Kaupapa Maori Theory?

Kaupapa Maori theory is the teaching of philosophy and practice of Maori cultural values. It is done by the Kura Kaupapa Maori which is also known as the Maori language immersion schools. Here, it reflects the practice of Maori cultural values. These values have the aim to re-establish the popularity of Maori language knowledge and culture.

Importance of Biculturalism in Early Childhood Education

The promotion of bi-culturalism is important in early childhood education among young children in New Zealand. This allows the Maori children to interact with the children belonging to other language groups. This also promotes bicultural development in children due to their involvement in cultural activities. As you know, children have a tendency to learn things naturally through various activities. The demonstration of bi-culturalism is done in a procedure that it keeps maintaining cultural safety.

Bi-culturalism and Maori Theory Relation

The relation between bi-culturalism and Maori theory indicates towards the Maori peoples and non- Maori peoples. This is further explained by the treaty of Waitangi that is signed between the Maori people and the British crown.

As per the rules of this treaty, the Maori people have equal rights, status, and safety in New Zealand.

Principles of Kaupapa Maori Theory

The theory of Kaupapa Maori is based upon various important principles. According to the Kaupapa Maori theorist – Graham Hingangaroa Smith, 6 key principles of Kaupapa Maori has been identified in 1990. This is found within the context of educational involvement and research. Later, other Maori theorists like Linda Smith (1997), Taina Pohatu (2005) has contributed to the growth of Kaupapa Maori theory.

The important principles or elements of Kaupapa Maori theory are:

  1. Self- determination
  2. Cultural Aspiration
  3. Culturally Preferred Pedagogy
  4. Socio-Economic Mediation
  5. Extended Family Structure
  6. Collective Philosophy

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List of Early Childhood Centres Teaching Maori Language & Culture in NZ

In New Zealand, there are childhood centers teaching the Maori language and culture to the children at an early age. These are:

  • Avonside Early Childhood Centre

Avonside Early Childhood is a learning center, situated within the campus of Avonside Girls High School in Christchurch. It is a Maori community-based child learning and care center. Here, around 16 % of children belong to the Maori speaking group. The management trust of this learning center consists of those parents who support bi-cultural development in this childhood center.

  • Bright Stars Educare

Bright Stars Educare is a private childhood learning center, located in Hamilton. It offers top-quality education and cares for children right from their birth to school age. The management team and staffs are quite supportive of those parents who enrol their kids in this center.

  • Edgecumbe Play Centre

The Edgecumbe Play Centre is a semi-rural childhood learning center. It works as part of the Eastern Bay of Plenty Playcentre Association. This institution greatly values and accepts the notion of a parent’s role in educating their child. They also acknowledge that only parents teach their children to work and serve their community. They truly support the Maori children and their parents in recognizing and holding Te Ao Maori culture and values.


As you know that today Non -Maori people are accepting the Maori culture in New Zealand. So, to properly preserve the Maori language and its cultural identity, a lot is done. One of the key measures to revive this language is to teach Kaupapa Maori to children at an early age. Most of the NZ childhood learning center is doing a lot to let children learn about their Maori language. They also allow a suitable environment to let these kids know about their Maori culture and practice it without any problem.

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