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University Open Polytechnic(OP)
Subject Health and wellbeing level-3

Part 2 – About a person or people you support and your role

Consent Form

I (insert the name of person being supported or their family/whanau member/advocate)

Understand that (insert name of staff member)

Wants to write about my holistic needs and how they have supported me to achieve my goals and aspirations.

The staff member has explained:

  • The information will only be used for the purposes of them completing the New Zealand Certificate in Health and Wellbeing.
  • it will be kept confidential and the only people who will see it are:
  • The staff member
  • Their Service Manager or Senior Support Worker
  • Sometimes their Area Manager
  • Members of the L&D team who are responsible for administering and assessing the work.
  • Once the staff member has completed their qualification the materials will be deleted from central L&D files
  • The staff member named above has my permission to do this.

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2.1 Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

For this question you are going to describe enabling and disabling features of ASD and how they might impact on a person’s daily living interactions.

Daily living interactions include things like:

  • Learning new things
  • Building and maintaining relationships with others
  • Taking part in leisure and recreation activities
  • Being in employment
  • Daily living skills like household chores
  • Using public transport
  • Participating in the community
  • Any other day to day interaction you choose

2.2 Advocacy & self-advocacy

Think of a time when you advocated on behalf of someone you support or you supported a person you support to advocate for them self.

2.3 Grief and Loss

Think of two situations where you have supported a service user who has experienced a loss and grief situation. Fill in the following two tables (one for each situation):

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2.4 How you support a person or people

For this next section you are going to tell us more about a person or people you support and your role and responsibilities when you are supporting the person or people.

Make sure you write about real situations that have happened in your support role.

2.4.1 The person’s history

Tell us a bit about the person and their history, what they like and don’t like, what their needs are and the things they wish for in life.

How do you know this information about the person? How is the information collected? Where is it recorded?

2.4.2 The person’s holistic needs

Keep thinking about a specific person you support. You are going to tell us about four of their holistic needs. The first three needs you are going to write about are their physical, social and cognitive needs in the following tables (the 4th is your own choice, see the list after these three tables).

2.4.3 Providing person-centered support

What are some of the strategies you use to support and encourage the person to actively participate in their day to day life?

When you use these strategies how does it demonstrate a person-centred approach to supporting the person?

2.4.4 Using feedback to reflect on your practice

Give an example of feedback you have received about your support of a person from either the person themselves or a family/whanau member.

What changes (if any) did you make to your support of the person as a result of this feedback?

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2.4.5 Individual plans

Complete the table below in relation to the individual plan for a person you support (Note: the individual plan is a plan for delivering services to the person and may include personal plans, behavior support plans, individual plans, eating and drinking plans etc.).

2.4.6 Participating in the community & maximizing independence

What are some of the things the person you support can do independently?

What are some of the things the person you support does interdependently with others?

2.4.7 Behaviors that is challenging

Now think of a time when you have found the behavior of a person you support challenging to deal with.

2.5 Supporting Personal Care

Only answer this section if you support a person or people with a minimum of five different personal care tasks. (If you are not sure whether to answer this question ask your assessor or your manager).

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