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University Massey University (MU)
Subject Curriculum and Pedagogy B

Choosing your subject/curriculum focus (General): What area do you wish to develop (Specific)?

What have you identified as the subject/curriculum focus that you will take for your Teacher Inquiry? Why have you chosen to select this area? What are you hoping to gain from the focus? Make sure to offer a detailed explanation of why this is an important area of inquiry for you, based on your current knowledge/skill and identified professional learning needs.

Connections to the Literature: What does the research say about effective practice?

What strategies (evidence-based) are most likely to support children’s learning and engagement in this curriculum area? Find five academic sources/journal articles that inform your understanding in your inquiry area. Write a brief summary/overview for each source that outlines the key points and ideas, and how this source informs the teaching practices that you will use for your inquiry.

Proposed Inquiry topic: Defining your question

Based on your interest, identified professional learning and the research literature as described above, now propose the specific question/focus that will frame your teacher inquiry. Add your Inquiry Question to the box below:

Developing a plan: Proposing some strategies.

You will need to develop your plan for your inquiry in consultation with your AT, teaching team, families and the children of the setting. In this section please describe the consultation and collaboration that you expect to engage in, and identify some preliminary strategies/teaching practices that might be support your learning/ development in the inquiry area.

Developing a Plan: Considering all learners

Please consider what it might mean to support all learners in the setting. Identify how your inquiry might consider. the needs of diverse and priority learners, as well as implementing Te Tiriti-based and culturally appropriate practice.

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