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University University of Auckland (UOA)
Subject OPSMGT 258: Business Process Design

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Well-written, correctly referenced, and properly formatted reports are essential in all business environments. Hence, it is crucial that you can apply professional formatting to a Microsoft WORD document. For this assignment, you should have a title page, table of contents, and page numbers.

1. For the project-based organizational structure to develop new products, choose one product from Stanley Tools Jobmaster Screwdriver, Rollerblade In-Line Skate, and Boeing 777 Airplane for which that structure (project-based) would be MOST appropriate. Justify your product type choice based on the pros and cons we discussed in class. In your justification, you need to mention some of the specific requirements or characteristics of the product that you picked.

2. Explain the two approaches of “Prototyping” in the management of new product development, discussed in class. And, explain under which conditions each prototyping approach is suitable and why. Further, provide a suitable example for each prototyping approach.

3. After the Convid-19 pandemic, things in our society will change in many ways. One of the changes is related to our transportation. Due to social distancing and the avoidance of public transportation, the marketing department in your company predicts that sales opportunities for road bikes will dramatically increase in Auckland. Therefore, your CEO decided to develop a new innovative road bike, leveraging your previous experiences to develop your current products, which are electric scooters . As a team leader for the new product development, answer the following questions under this scenario:

a) Describe how you would compose and manage your new product development(NPD) team.
b) Describe the specific activities that should be done for this project in each phase of the generic NPD process that we discussed in class.
c) Explain how you would evaluate the success of this NPD project in the short term and as well as in the long term.

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