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University Manukau Institute Of Technology (MIT)
Subject Study health and wellbeing


Mr. Waitakere is 70 When he was 10his emigrated from their close-knit rural community to town for work and education opportunities. Mr. Waitakere fulfilled his parents’ aspirations for their children to succeed in the ‘pakeha world’ and in spite of barriers in the education system, he achieved well at school. The appeal of earning money however saw Mr. Waitakerefollow his father into the timber industry working at the town’s sawmill for 15 years. When the mill closed Waitakere used his high school qualifications to study and he became a primary school teacher. Teaching took him and his own whanau to schools in different parts of the country. Recently he has returned to the home his parents bought under a government scheme when they moved to town in the 1950s.

His father died from cancer at the age of 58. His mother kept busy after her husband’s death caring for grandchildren, tending her vegetable garden, and involving herself in the local branch of the Maori Women’s Welfare League. However, her health was declining, and Mr. Waitakere whose own health was not great retired from his profession and moved home with his wife to care for his ailing mother. When she died Mr. and Mrs. Waitakere stayed in the house. Wairaka their eldest daughter was concerned about her parents’ well-being and called a whanau hui with her siblings. It was agreed that while they would all share responsibility for their mother and father, Wairakaand her four children would move in with them. Her children include three boys Piha 14, Ranui 10, Potiki 6, and a girl Muriwai 12.

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