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University University of Auckland (UOA)
Subject IT5014: Programming Principles

Client Requirements

The client would like a ticketing system prototype developed. The help desk ticketing system should handle tickets from internal customers only. Tickets are requests for assistance from the help desk by staff members of the company.


1. There are two ways of submitting an internal ticket: either by providing staff ID, ticket creator name, contact email and the description of the issue or only by providing staff ID and the description of the issue

2.  If an internal ticket is submitted without the ticket creator name and contact email specified, the system should automatically assign values for the creator name and contact email as “Not specified”.

3. Internal Tickets’ ticket numbers should be assigned automatically using the counter static field plus 2000.

4. For your information, StaffID is made up of the employee’s name followed by the first letter of the employee’s surname

Task 1. Reflective Journal

A reflective journal containing reflection on the development process and OO concepts.

Task 2. Solution development

Evidence of all stages of SDLC followed, including but not limited to, planning and requirements analysis, solution design, and development, and testing.

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Looking for Plagiarism free Answers for your college/ university Assignments.

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