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University Open Polytechnic(OP)
Subject EDU701: Teaching in Aotearoa

Learning Outcomes:

  • Critically discuss what it means to be a member of the teaching profession in Aotearoa and how to engage in professional, respectful, and collaborative relationships.
  • Examine teaching responsibilities under statutory, regulatory, and professional requirements and apply these to teaching practice situations.


  • Identify at least one statutory or regulatory requirement and one professional
    the requirement that underpins the Standard you have chosen and explain how these requirements inform this Standard.
  • Explain how the standard you have chosen connects with each of the four
    commitments in the Code for Professional Responsibility.
  • Being a teacher in Aotearoa New Zealand requires engaging in professional, respectful, and collaborative relationships.

Critically discuss how you intend to do this in your practice by:

  1. Describing the specific actions you will take to engage in professional, respectful, and collaborative relationships
  2. Explaining how these actions will contribute to your meeting the Standards for the Teaching Profession
  3. Refer to at least two key sources of guidance to support your discussion.

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