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University University Of Canterbury (UC)
Subject Child Protection Practice

Task 1

Discuss your literature sources and make links with your inquiry question at least once in the weekly class forum from weeks 9 — 12.

Literature review (3000 words): Refer to the eight (8) sources of literature that link to your inquiry question and use the following format to structure your literature review:


Write a brief introduction that states your inquiry question and briefly state the themes as they relate to teaching inquiry, intentional teaching, and sociocultural practice in early childhood education.

Main body – Draw on similarities and differences across the literature sources and synthesize them into three key themes. The three themes outline the different points that the authors make in their articles. Try and summarise the overall themes rather than identifying even/similarities and differences in the articles. Relate the literature to your dry question and summarise what the literature suggests in relation to your question. using – The purpose of the conclusion is to summarise your new and deeper professional learning. You will do making connections between your inquiry question and the themes from the literature in relation to teaching, intentional teaching, and sociocultural practice.

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