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University The University of Auckland (TUA)
Subject Reflection and introspection


  1. Develop a register of all the stakeholders and thus create a stakeholder map according to the following stakeholder diagram. Consequently, discuss the strategy for engagement.
  2. If you were the project manager for this development from the outset of the project, develop an outline plan as to how you would engage with the stakeholders given their relative power over the project and need for contribution to design and development.
  3. Develop a register of the top 5 critical risks that the design, procurement, and management of the project will be subject to.  Consequently, describe the main mechanisms by which you would recommend as the project manager to minimize those risks.
  4. Legal risk and liability are critical aspects of any engineering project.  Identify one (or more) sources of legal liability that caused conflict in the project.  Assess the liabilities and how the project could have avoided the dispute with better management practices.
  5. Analyze the principle information and materials flows around that business.  Where are the principle disconnects between batch sizes that can lead to costs and overheads?  How can these alignment issues be managed?
  6. Analyze the following statement:-  “current best practice of supply chain management significantly increases the potential for engineers to be accused of unethical – particularly anti-competitive – practices”

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