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University Unitec Institute of Technology (UOT)
Subject CSTU5170 - Sociology For Social Practice: Inequality And Social Change


To develop an understanding of key areas of sociological inquiry/analysis and key concepts and to explore the connections to inequality


to write a 1500 word essay that explores one or more areas of sociological inquiry, and to identify and analyze the inequalities that can be seen to operate within society


Choose one (or more) area of sociological inquiry/analysis (e.g. Class, Age, Ability, Ethnicity, “Race” and Racism, Gender, Sexuality).

Describe what this area of inquiry covers and define the key sociological concepts.

Explore inequality within this area of inquiry (for example if you are exploring “class” you could say class creates social divisions which mean some have more access to resources than others or if you are exploring race you could say that the belief in racial difference creates racism which causes discrimination that impacts on equal access to employment and housing).

Analyze the social forces that contribute to the creation/maintenance of inequality (e.g. history, politics, economics, culture, etc.) (for example class inequality is reinforced by the inheritance of wealth contributing to class becoming stratified)

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