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University Unitec Institute of Technology (UOT)
Subject CSTU5167: Bachelor of Social Practice

Learning outcome(s):

LO1: Explore the role of social structures, social institutions, and social systems including: whanau, hap and iwi, family, education, media, politics and the state in maintaining and/or challenging social cohesion or social change.

LO2: Describe and explore sociological ideas, including “the sociological imagination”, the historical development of sociology, and key sociological concepts and theories.

LO3: Examine issues of class, age, culture and ethnicity, gender and sexuality, as a way of exploring social norms, identity, inclusion, deviance and difference.

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Purpose: To reflect on your lived experience and to make connections to key sociological concepts.

Task: Write a reflection that explores your own experience of education and the education system.

  • Describe your educational experience paying attention to any areas of inequality or unfairness.

Describe means to say what something is like. Give its relevant qualities

  • Identify at least two key sociological concepts (such as norms, stereotypes, discrimination, racism, class, ethnicity, gender etc.) within your description of your educational experience.
  • Examine (or explore) the connection between the sociological concepts and your experience (look at effects and impacts)
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