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University University Of Canterbury (UC)
Subject APSY619: Psychology of Stress Health and Wellbeing at Work


Conduct a thorough investigation into relevant practices from either a working environment – your own – or a business that you have researched.
Prepare a business case for creating or improving worker health and wellbeing within the organization.

Your report should:

  • Include a description of the business that you have selected
  •  Identify and assess the burden of harm from work-related injury and ill-health
  • Critically evaluate the various legislative requirements surrounding worker health and wellbeing
  • Explain the role of leadership and management in the promotion of health and wellbeing within a workplace
  • Analyze the costs and the benefits of a health and well-being strategy for an organization

You will need to substantiate your findings by referring to source materials and theoretical models.

Support your answers with reference to relevant legislation and/or case reports where appropriate. Ensure you read the following marking schedule for further information on how grades will be awarded. Please see overleaf.

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