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University University Of Otago (UO)
Subject Health And Well-Being


An organization’s policies and procedures are the policies and procedures of the employer and include ethical codes, standards, and other organizational requirements.

Task 1: Benefits of self-reflection

For this task, you need to show your understanding of self-reflection and its importance in your work.

What is the purpose of using self-reflection in your workplace?

Task 2: Applying self-reflection

This task has three parts:

Part A – explaining a model of self-reflection, which you have used to self-reflect.

Part B – applying this same model of self-reflection.

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Part C – evaluating what you have learned, including feedback from others.

Part A – Explaining the model

Explain the process of self-reflection, using a recognized model.

This model must be one that you have used to self-reflect (to do part B).

You also need to get feedback from two people who have seen you working (to do Part C).

Choose one of the following recognized models:

  • The Gibbs Reflective Cycle (1988).
  • The Johns (2000) Model for Structured Reflection.
  • The Rolfe et al (2001) Framework for reflection.
  • Schön’s Model (1983) of Reflective Practice.
  • Another model that you identify yourself with.

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Part B – Applying the model

Next, think of a work situation where you have used this model to self-reflect. Analyze your situation and give specific examples to show how you have applied the steps of the model.

You also have to get feedback from two people who know you and have seen your work to complete the next part of self-reflection in Task C.

If you choose Schön’s Model, use the ‘reflection on action’, for after the situation.

If you need more space for your answer you may attach additional pages to this assessment.

Part C – Evaluating what you have learned

To evaluate what you have learned, you will self-reflect. Reflect upon the feedback you have received from two other people about how you handled the situation. Feedback is to be recorded on the following feedback forms.

You also need to reflect on what you did and what you have learned, completing the following self-reflection form. Identify what needs to change in your own practice. If you are not going to do anything differently, please explain why nothing will change.

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