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University University Of Canterbury (UC)
Subject science and sustainability

Write a report that includes the following:

1. a discussion of the sustainability challenges relevant to your chosen focus area and how this issue is of importance to Massey
2. a proposal for how Massey can achieve, or continue to achieve, sustainability targets relevant to the focus area
3. consideration of cultural components of the focus area, such as discussion of relevant mātauranga Māori aspects
4. the report must refer to at least three peer-reviewed articles that explain how science can respond to the sustainability challenges identified
5. Diagrams or graphs generated from current Massey data
6. A ‘Works Cited’ list recording all the sources you have used in the report, formatted according to APA conventions

In addition to the report, include a brief statement identifying any changes you made to your final report as a result of the peer feedback exercise.

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A detailed breakdown of Assignment 3

Part 1 – Submission of the draft for peer feedback

Using the Workshop tool in Stream, submit an excerpt from your draft report for one of your peers to provide feedback. Include with that draft:

  • A brief explanatory note of where the excerpt fits within your report (e.g. ‘This is the introduction’ or ‘This section outlines my proposal for what Massey can do’ etc.).
  • Any specific areas that you would like their feedback to focus on (e.g. ‘Do the
    sentences flow?’ or ‘Have I provided enough detail for my points?’)

Part 2 – Feedback on peer draft

  • Use the criteria in the workshop tool in Stream to provide feedback to your peer on their excerpt draft.
  • Provide detailed feedback in the Overall feedback box in the workshop tool — if your peer had asked for feedback on specific areas, try and address those concerns.

Part 3 – Submission of the final report and a brief statement of amendments made following peer feedback exercise

  • Submit your final report which includes the components listed in the Main task.
  • Submit a brief statement that outlines any changes you made to your draft, as a result of the peer feedback exercise. These changes may be prompted by:
  1. The feedback you received from your peer and/or
  2. The process of evaluating your peer’s draft then generated a self-critique of your own writing.

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