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University New Zealand Tertiary College (NZTC)
Subject Advanced support Level 4 in healthcare


Describe leadership principles and qualities in a health or wellbeing setting

Task 1: Principles and qualities of leadership

For this task you need to show your understanding of the principles and qualities of peer and personal leadership.

When answering these questions, consider appropriate values, processes, and protocols in relation to working with Māori, Pasifika and/or people from other cultures.

1 Describe four principles of peer leadership and give an example of how each of these principles is applied in your own workplace.

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Principles of peer leadership may include:

  • role modelling.
  • dealing with conflict.
  •  problem solving.
  •  delegation.
  • negotiation.
  •  providing guidance.
  •  motivating self and others.
  •  creating and maintaining positive environments.
  • encouraging self-awareness and development of colleagues.
  •  empowering others.
  •  other.

2. Describe what three personal leadership responsibilities mean for you and give an example of how you apply these in your workplace.

Personal leadership responsibilities may include:

  •  ongoing development of self-awareness.
  • self-reflection.
  •  obtaining feedback from others.
  •  taking responsibility.
  •  professional development of yourself and/or others.
  •  planning.
  •  other

3 Describe four behaviors that demonstrate qualities of effective leadership and give an example from your workplace for each.

Behaviors may include:

  • empathy.
  • objectivity.
  •  transparency.
  •  accountability.
  •  responsibility.
  •  honesty.
  •  integrity.
  •  assertiveness.
  •  consistency.
  •  ethical and professional standards of conduct.
  •  other.

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