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University Massey University (MU)
Subject 168263: Mental Health and Addictions 1

Learning Outcomes 

  • Analyze the socio-political factors that impact people experiencing mental health conditions and addictions
  • Describe the concepts of recovery-orientated practice
  • Describe appropriate assessment strategies to determine mental health status
  • Establish, maintain and conclude effective nursing partnerships with people experiencing distress

Assessment Purpose:

  • Through this assignment, the student will explore the nursing literature, develop, and present an argument in response to the statement proposed by the essay question.

Assessment keywords and concepts:

  • Choose a psychotropic medication.
  • Explain how the medication helps to support an individual’s mental health recovery journey?  This may include:
  • An examination of the pros and cons of medication used to treat mental health disorders
  • A critical examination of other therapies/ interventions that can be used alongside medication to help with the journey of recovery
    • Consider the role of the nurse and the impact on individual service user recovery, their whanau/family, and other relationships.


  • Discuss and provide examples of ethical dilemmas within the context of the essay. This could include
  • The person does not want to take medication but has to do so as part of a legislated p plan e.g., mental health plan as a result of a forensic order
  • Exacerbation of metabolic disorders, such as diabetes, weight gain
  • Side effect profiles of medication, resulting in the person not wanting to take medication
  • Cultural considerations

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