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Speech Topic Ideas For NZ Students

Assignment writing is a very common task for students in New Zealand. And choosing topics for assignment is the biggest trouble, more than writing it. Here we are trying to take up a little load from students by providing a small list of speech topic ideas.

Speech Topic Ideas

Motivational Speech Topics For High School

  1. Speech on health and fitness
  2. Prudence is an effort you can turn non-believers into believers in your plans.
  3. Speech On Kindness
  4. Begin with forming a moral tool set when children are young and build further when they are at least 18 years old.
  5. Speech on discipline

Controversial Speech Topics on Education

  1. Value Of Education Speech
  2. What are the best ways for schools to stop bullying?
  3. Is higher education over-rated?
  4. Do you think students should be allowed to listen to music during study hall?
  5. A student’s grade: Is it a fair method of evaluation?

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Interesting Speech Topics on Public Speaking

  1. Speech on the importance of cleanliness.
  2. Simple ways to overcome stress.
  3. Speech on travel and tourism.
  4. Paying more taxes: Is it a good or a bad thing?
  5. Speech on unity.

Best Speech Topics for Kids

  1. Speech On Grandparents
  2. What is the best way to solve challenging Math problems?
  3. It should be mandatory that kids should learn a second language.
  4. Speech on junk food.
  5. How to write the best title for your speeches?

Top Speech Topics on Social Issues

  1. Speech On Unemployment
  2. Why living in the country is better than the city.
  3. How much does your feeling of happiness depend on your financial state of affairs?
  4. Speech On Corruption
  5. Why it should be mandatory for all students to stand for the pledge.

Popular Speech Topics for Special Occasions

  1. Welcome speech for farewell
  2. Welcome speech for the conference
  3. Welcome Speech For Annual Function
  4. Vote Of Thanks Speech
  5. Thank you speech for birthday

Some Speech Topics on Festivals and Events

  1. Tryst with destiny
  2. Teachers day speech
  3. Speech on world population day
  4. Mother’s day special
  5. International Women’s Day Speech

Few Speech Topics on Science, Environment, and Nature

  1. Why Elephant riding is unethical?
  2. Should Pluto still be considered a planet?
  3. Should smoking in public places be banned?
  4. Theories are useless if they can not be transformed into strategies.
  5. How can science be used to improve the lives of physically challenged individuals?

Good Speech Topics on Arts and Culture

  1. Are paper books better than e-books?
  2. Should all students be required to learn an instrument in school?
  3. Why reading an informational article in a list form is easier
  4. Should graffiti be considered art?
  5. Should art and music therapy be covered by health insurance?

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Speech Topics on Ethics to Write About

  1. Should prisoners be allowed to vote?
  2. Is there never a good enough reason to declare war?
  3. Wearing fur is unethical.
  4. Why eating meat is not unethical?
  5. Should affirmative action be allowed?

Memorable Speech Topics on Health

  1. Should assist suicide to be legal?
  2. Is dieting a good way to lose weight?
  3. Seat belts ensure all passengers a safer ride.
  4. Fast food is the major reason for obesity among children
  5. Should healthy people be required to regularly donate blood?

Speech Topics on Religion for Students 2020

  1. Should public prayer be allowed in schools?
  2. How do cults differ from religion?
  3. Faith in God should be protected.
  4. Children should be allowed to choose their religion
  5. Why it is important to allow people practicing their religion or lack thereof

 Speech Topics on Sports

  1. Should parents let their children play tackle football?
  2. How does parental pressure affect young athletes?
  3. Winning is not as important as trying your best.
  4. Physical training is overrated
  5. Comparing Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi is foolish.

Speech Topics on Technology

  1. Do violent video games encourage players to become violent in real life?
  2. Should mobile phone use in public places be regulated?
  3. People who say they do not need or want to use the world wide web are insane.
  4. Is Net Neutrality a good thing or a bad thing?
  5. Has technology helped connect people or isolate them?

Speech Topics on Animals

  1. Should all zoos and aquariums be closed?
  2. Why cats make the perfect pet?
  3. Ten ways we can help animals live better
  4. Should animal slaughter for religious purposes be allowed?
  5. Should people be allowed to own exotic animals like monkeys?

Business and Economy Speech Topics

  1. Should Black Friday sales be allowed to start on Thanksgiving?
  2. Should tipping in restaurants be mandatory?
  3. A business must have a personality.
  4. Employers shouldn’t ask questions related to an employee’s personal life
  5. Why is it possible and necessary to increase the income of workers?

Speech Topics on Law and Politics

  1. Should the government completely ban all cigarettes and tobacco products?
  2. Do you think it should be illegal for people to curse on TV during the daytime?
  3. Should it be legal for everyone to hunt
  4. Is torture acceptable when used for national security?
  5. Should assault weapons be legal?

Funny and Humorous Speech Topics

  1. Shoes that don’t fit right are hazardous to your health.
  2. How can you get someone to stop being annoying?
  3. Argumentative essays are pointless.
  4. Do vegetarians love animals?
  5. Dads are more fun than moms.

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