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The PEEL paragraph writing approach is a proven way to help students writing process by providing a structure for their writing. PEEL paragraph writing helps the students to express their opinions and thoughts to the readers. It makes your thoughts easily expressible to the audience or readers. While New Zealand Assignment Help to memorize an essay word for word and Also providing some expert professional writers for the sake of you. The writer should remember the fact that he is writing for the audience, not for himself. So, it will be helpful if you learn the methods to convey your thoughts.

Peel Essay Writing
  • PEEL writing gives a deep perception of your thoughts. The techniques for writing are very simple, though the procedure can be complex.
  • The PEEL paragraph method is a technique utilized in writing to assist structure paragraphs within a way that presents one focused and argument, which links back to the essay topic or thesis statement.
  • It is good practice to dedicate each paragraph to at least one aspect of your argument, and therefore the PEEL structure simplifies this for you.
  • It allows you to make a paragraph that is easy and accessible for others to know. Remember, when you are writing something, it is not just you who is reading it – you are required to think about the reader and the process of how they will digest this new information.

What does PEEL stand for?

PEEL stands for “point, explanation, example, or evidence and link”.

Point – The author should offer a transparent, concise, and relevant point.

Evidence – The author should collect credible and up-to-date sources (no older than five years) to support the thesis statement with vivid examples from the chosen pieces of other authors or researchers. Cite quotations or events from the chosen materials but make certain to accomplish that correctly.

Explanation – Interpret personal opinions and therefore the way evidence supports the offered arguments.

Link – Relate the discussed point to the subsequent opening sentence (topic sentence) within the upcoming paragraph, also because of the research question.

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Key summary of PEEL method:

Peel and planning:

The PEEL approach is proven to deliver better exam performance when properly applied because it provides an appropriate structure and depth for every point that you simply make in your essay.

However, the PEEL approach is merely effective if you first plan the key points you are going to make in each essay. Usually (not always) a solution will develop arguments both for and against the underlying assertion within the essay question. Plan the points you are getting to make and therefore the examples you would like to use to support your point.

Every paragraph makes one point:

It is the key to preparing the PEEL paragraph. You should combine all the points of your essay to deliver a satisfying response to the selected essay question. The persuasive essay can only be written in case of identifying the particular point and developing it fully.

  • One should begin the paragraph point by stating the point you are going to make. It is more relevant if you use the words in the essay question.
  • This can be better achieved by explaining each point step by step. It can help your examiner to understand it well in case of being tired too.
  • Putting in some relevant theory if relevant in your subject can really help this part of the paragraph point – it adds credibility to your point. You don’t have to write everything you know about the theory – just show how it is relevant.
  • Back your point with evidence!
  • Till now you have done the statement part and its explanation.
  • Now it’s time to back it up with some examples and evidence.
  • Take your own examples in detail to make your points. The use of an example can be done in support of the particular argument to the highest level for this skill. Storytelling and putting off too many non-essential details should be avoided. The examiner never wants to know the quantity of your knowledge. Instead, they want to know what is the relevance of your chosen examples.
  • While introducing examples in each of the paragraphs, also try to compare and contrast the evidence. How does one example compare with another – or do they both lend support to the point you are making?

Evaluate your point:

Evaluation should not be left for the end of your essay. Try to evaluate each point in one go. The evaluation process should be done during the essay and not at the end. If you wish to evaluate at the end of the paragraphs, then simply say “however, this would depend on…..”.

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Link back to the essay question:

This is the major approach to ensure the relevancy of your answer. It also gives the hint to the examiner that the paragraph point is used to answer the essay question.

Use the words in the essay title once again. “This point has shown that the external environment can be judged as very unfavorable for many high street retailers at the moment…” “This point has illustrated how important it is for significant change programs to be implemented decisively with the total commitment of the firm’s leadership”.

PEEL in Practice understanding with an Example:

Here is an example of what should be included in a PEEL structured paragraph:

Topic: Should mobile phones allow in schools?
Thesis/argument: Mobile phones should not be allowed in schools.

Point: Mobile phones should not be allowed in schools, because studies show children are not able to concentrate on studies if they are provided with mobile phones in schools.

Evidence/Example: A recent research showed that students who are allowed to take mobile phones in schools lack concentration in their studies.

Explanation: The reason students are facing a lack of concentration in studies is that their whole concentration is distracted towards mobile phones, gaming, chit chats, etc.


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