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Difference between Research Proposal and Dissertation

The academic world in New Zealand presents many challenges to the research scholars and students. The research scholars’ and students right from the start of their research and study are being given research works. They are given a research proposal and dissertation to write from an ordinary level to an advanced level in various fields and streams of academics.

Difference between Research Proposal and Dissertation

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What is the Definition of Research Proposal and Dissertation?

  • Research Proposal Definition:

A research proposal is the opening of your real research work. This is necessary to create before you actually write the rest of your research paper. A research proposal is the actual plan of your chosen research topic which is necessary to show the professor in- charge. Once the research proposal is approved by the professor in- charge, you are given permission to write and complete the research paper. If your research proposal is interesting then it will surely impress the professors at your colleges and universities.

  • Dissertation Definition:

A dissertation paper is a final stage that comes after the research proposal’s acceptance by your professors. A dissertation is prepared by the PhD scholars upon a particulate topic as mentioned in the research proposal. A dissertation paper is written after a lot of study upon the topic and gathering relevant information after researching from trusted sources. A dissertation is written is of 2 types which are – qualitative and quantitative.

What Are The Important Difference between Research Proposal And Dissertation?

The following are a few points that will tell you how a research proposal is different from the dissertation. This has been stated as below:

  1. A research proposal is a question or statement of an academic or intellectual argument or case which needs more research in writing. While a dissertation is that writing of the question or statement after further research and justifying that question or statement with appropriate proof and argument.
  2. A research proposal is all about potentiality at proving a statement. It has also had the possibility to be nullified due to the presentation of strong arguments and proofs provided by the people who are against the statement. But, in the case of a dissertation, it is a research of gathering proofs, evidence, and information from reliable sources to justify that statement. It is all about explaining the information which can prove the statement as stated in the research proposal.
  3. A research proposal is not involved in the process. Whereas the dissertation paper explains the process in a quantitative or qualitative manner.
  4. A research proposal consists of only a single question or a single statement. But, the dissertation paper consists of more questions keeping the research proposal’s statement or question as to its main theme. The dissertation paper consists of raising a number of questions which is related to the central topic, question or statement of the research proposal.
  5. In the end, some of the questions and statements are nullified while the rest of the questions and arguments remains the sign of another communication or discourse.
  6. The length of research proposal writing is short by a few pages. But, the length of dissertation writings is very lengthy and it is longer by thousands or pages or even a hardbound copy.

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